Cameroonian political blogger and digital journalist, Arrey Bate founder of ARREYB Media finally earns a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Before graduating from the university, ArreyB as he is popularly called successfully founded ARREYB Media, an online news and advertising media which provides tailor-made news reports and services on branding, advertising and media consultancy with more than 100,000 monthly views on the website

In just two years, Arrey Bate has been ranked Cameroon’s best and has featured on BBC World Service, named among British Council Top 100 Young journalist worldwide, featured on Reuters, his news blog has was nominated among top 200 world blogs in 2019 for the Infinity blog awards in the USA and has also featured on many local and international platforms.

Together with his team, the young journalist organized 7 digital media conferences in 6 cities across Cameroon where he trained and awarded certificates to over 2,000 young Cameroonians who were trained on digital entrepreneurship, digital branding ad building a brand or career through social media.

Arrey Bate is the author of the trending book “How to make Morney Online, Build Right Relationships With Social Media” (get a copy @ ), a masterpiece which he desires to share his social media knowledge and experience by urging readers to be productive on social media while having fun at the same time.

Through his Media prowess, Arrey Bate with his ARREYB Media team have been able to help several business owners, brands and institutions make more money by generating successful social media leads and campaigns and has also served as brand ambassador for several institutions.

“Your Biggest Excuse is Your Greatest Advantage”_Arrey Bate.

Arrey Bate successfully put built up this profile without a degree, a career he commenced with just a phone. “I was Listed Among Top 100 Young Journalists Worldwide Without a Degree”_Arrey Bate celebrates his success. The “Media Gig” is for sure a source of motivation and an influencer to many youths in Cameroon, Africa and beyond.


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