Youths from the Apostolic Church, Great Soppo took a bold step to know their HIV status

Organized by the Presbyterian Church Cameroon Health department in Buea, Christians from the Apostolic Church Great Soppo benefited from the HIV screening offered by health experts.

the screening has been going on for two Sundays now at the Apostolic Church Sunday School class, some parents also thought it wise to know their status.

After the screening session on August 18, 2019, some youths mustered the courage to explain their experience and their reaction after knowing their status.

Ako Egbe Donard, ”after knowing my status, I feel so relieved and happy because I am negative. I will try all possible means to avoid all the things that can make me contact HIV”.

Also, Anjah Bodwin from Bakweri Town said ” I feel very free because my main reason for checking my status is because there was a time my friend injured me with a blade in school, so since then, I have not been myself, but now I am free from the emotional trauma.

Furthermore, Nfor Petra from Lower Farms, Buea said ”I can now boost that I know my HIV health status, even though this is not my first time of checking it”.

 Good health is what mankind has been struggling to come across, but our environment and other issues of life will not allow mankind to enjoy this privilege. 

Nevertheless, we just have to keep ourselves safe from diseases.

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