The president of the Republic, Paul Biya has ordered the discontinuance of court charges against some militants of the Cameroon Rennaisance Movement party of detained Prof. Maurice Kamto.

Just after the Major National Dialogue, the Head of State in the evening of Friday, octorber 4, 2019 took to social media to order that judicial charges against some officials of the CRM party be dropped.

President’s Tweet

These detained CRM party members were arrested for protesting against the 2018 presidential results which they believe it was their stolen victory. They have been held in different detention facilities around the country.

This presidential clemency came just 24 hours after some 333 anglophone detainees who had been undergoing judicial procedings at the military tribunal received similar clemency from the president.

The fate Prof. Maurice Kamto, the party’s chairman who has been detained for several months now is not yet known. Going by the president orders, it is clear that some officials of the CRM party will not benefit from this clemecy.


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