President Paul Biya has ordered the discontinuance of proceedings pending before the military tribunal of some 333 anglophones arrested for misdemeanours, in connection with the crisis in the North West and South West regions.

The Head of State took to his social media handles on octorber 3, 2019 to break the news of his order, accompanied by a release from the Secretary General at the Presidency to pardon some persons who were arrested for minor crimes and still pending persecutions at the military tribunal in the nations capital, Yaounde.

President’s Tweet

This presidential orders came less than 24 hours to the end of the Major National dialogue called by the president to find a lasting solution to the crisis in the Anglophone regions.

Participants of the dialogue have continuously called for the release of political prisoners so as to set level grounds for all.

While thanking the Head of State for this decision which will go a long way to promote peace in the restive regions, many Cameroonians have criticised the limitation of this clemency, saying it should have been extended to everyone who have been arrested and inprisoned in connection with the crisis.



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