A poem

To some it was just a “calé calé” to us it’s a pain of a lifetime!
The Ndu genocide a troubling memory hard to let go. Today we are still searching for answers to the question as to what was our crime that we were beaten, denigrated, raped, brutally murdered in mass amount without any justification.

But do I say justification? What justification can justify the killing of a people, and the carnage on a peace loving people of Ndu on the 6th of June 1992?

6 June1992 is a day I’ll never forget in a hurry, a day God cursed me to see and live the pain of a broken system. I still hear the voice of my grandmother echoing in my ears and head, I still hear the men chanting “gendarme na god, god no dey” I still hear a woman wailing in pain because a bottle has been inserted in her vagina. I can hear the voice of Njeta Hilary’s mother wailing in pain as she happily buries her two sons on the same day! What a good memory to keep.

We lived peacefully till politics came
We lived peacefully till party politics came
We were one till when wolves in sheep clothing subjugate us to what we are today; a broken people without History.

What has been our gain since 1961? Tarred roads, good schools, good companies, high employment, great Universities, good courts and well equiped health centers; indeed we from Ndu have been the primary beneficiaries of the old and new deal government even those in Ngarbu are witnesses. Thank you, if you doubt these things visit Ndu and see for yourself.

6th June 1992, though a score and ten old thy memories a sane man can’t let go.
Fonyuy Banfogha Noel.


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