At least seven children lost their lives and more than 50 others were injured in a collapsed school building in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi on Monday, September 23.

The incident took place when students were settled for studies at few minutes after 7am.

Located in a remote area, reports hold that the school building involed is a two-storey structure raised with woods, metal sheets and divided with a concrete slap that separated the two floors.

dr Brene Prance

Precious Talent Top School where the incident took place is a private educational institution host to over 800 children of age under 14.​​​​

Only parents who could not afford expensive schools sent their children to this school, locals have testified.

The Kenyan government has been criticized for failing to evaluate the safety of the structure.

This incident is coming barely two months when a building school collapsed in Liberia.

dr Brene Prance


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