There is no doubt to the dispensation that humanity’s problems is caused by the quest to have it all to oneself when others are barely surviving. That is “Greed”.

Politicians have failed its citizens each day, all in bit to grab and and suckle what was meant for all. Poor economies ushers in the notion of ‘survival of the fittest’, just because of greed.

Fonyuy Banfogha in this poem clearly paints a clear picture of what greed has led the world into. Read below👇👇👇


In a queue like ants on migration, 
they stand with their eyes fixed on the dripping tap like sinners waiting for salvation. 
Their hope is to have a drip of the precious liquid into their burning buckets.

Greed engulfs us all!

 Even in this long line there are those who came last but wants to be the first and some who came first but are ready to trade their positions for a piece of cake for their rumbling stomachs.
To them a position is useless if one cannot live to defend it.
 “Poor nasty things” I thought to myself as I drove passed in my paradise Jeep.

Everyone was created equal but some are more equal than others. 
How do you expect a man of Calibre to drink from the same dish with disgusting nasty beggars?

No way! They were meant to be servants.
The water in my swimming pool is cleaner than their drinkable water.
I can’t flush my toilet with their cooking water.

Weep not child, maybe after this life you’ll have a sugarcandy mountain filled with ribbons.

Greed engulfs us all! 

It rains in my house all day that  even ducks get drown in water.
So should I bother when empty crowds open their burning throats for drops of shower from the dry sky?
I bother not for I never sent them a letter of invitation into this Earth and they should bother Him with wailings if they are thirsty, the one who brought them here. 

The ocean in my house is not enough for a score and one family members of my household.

So who should be blamed, the creator of Lucifer or the disciples of Lucifer?

Bitter truth 
Poor will get poorer and rich get richer

Unless we fight greed amongst us we will remain food for the greedy wise
Just a word for the wise.

Together we can make the world a better place. #NoToGreed

Prance, for Nourishing Souls



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