During this COVID-19 crisis, we are encouraged to look at the bright side. There are tones of opportunities right before us. Be right smart and make good use of it.

Here is an opportunity to measure up during this quarantine. Spots are limited to 20. If you are an internet enthusiast regardless of your profession, you can start a new experience by creating powerful contents in your line of passion.

Join to have fun on the internet as you make money at the same time. You definitely need these skills- Blogging and Graphics Design. This online masterclass is powered by Zamani’s Blog and dr Brene Prance.

Here is what you are going to learn when you enrol

    What blogging is all about
    Areas of passion to blog on (Blog Niche Ideas)
    How to write tight and creative (engaging contents)
    How to get followers to interact on your contents/Techniques to keep followers busy on your blog
    How to launch a blog (platforms/apps)
    Ways to earn money from your blog (Monetize)
    Blogger Do’s and Don’ts
    Bonus: Online Community Management

2. Graphic Designs

What graphic designs is
The purpose of graphic designs
Popular Mobile/PC apps used by designers
Pay attention to the following during graphic designs;
Fonts, Colour, Shapes /objects, Lines, Size
Effects (pattern, 3d, shadow, outline, fade, rotate, position)
Exporting or rendering projects (Size, Resolution-Width X Length)
Graphic Designer Do’s and Don’ts
Bonus: Logo Designs

Fee= 2 000frs

To enrol contact via WhatsApp: +237 672 986 320 / +237 678 583 127

Wash your hands, use sanitizer, use your face mask and keep social distancing so we can all kick coronavirus out. we shall all overcome, life shall never be the same again.


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