A ‘Visit Rwanda’ partnership deal has been announced between Rwanda and the French football club Paris Saint Germain (PSG). The deal with PSG is the second ‘Visit Rwanda’ partnership with a sports club after the country signed a three years deal with Arsenal in May 2018.

This initiative provides Rwanda a global platform to promote its tourism industry, and other made in Rwanda initiatives including fashion, arts, and more products.

PSG female players will carry “Visit Rwanda” on their shirts and men training skits will also carry the message. Unlike that with Arsenal, there is no sleeve deal.

Next season Rwanda will be the exclusive supplier of tea and coffee at Parce Des Prince, (PSG stadium).

Rwandan Development Board Chief Executive, Clare Akamanzi says the deal with Arsenal boosted Rwanda’s Tourism sector which has seen 142,000 Rwandan employed directly in the sector against 90,000 that existed in 2017. He also added that more than 1.7 million people visited the country last year and more is expected in the next year.

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